Comstock Vision – Master Plan 2025

Define the future of Comstock Charter Township!

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Comstock Vision 2025 – FINAL



Comstock Vision 2025 was established by Comstock Charter Township to drive the process of updating the Township Master Plan. Local planners and landscape architects  – Williams & Works from Grand Rapids and Viridis Design Group from Kalamazoo – have teamed up to assist the Township through the planning process.

In order for this to be a successful project, we need to hear from you!  There will be numerous opportunities for public input throughout the summer of 2015.  You can also get in touch with us on this site or via facebook.

Watch Planning Commissioner Randy Beister and Planning & Zoning Administrator Jodi Stefforia give an overview of the Master Planning process on Public Media Network!

For more information, or to review documents developed during the planning process, please visit our Document Center.


What is Comstock Vision 2025?

Comstock Charter is in the process of updating its vision for the future of the community- the Master Plan.  Throughout the process, we will be working with the residents, business-owners, stakeholders and local officials to help define the future of our community. Comstock Vision 2025 is the name that will be used throughout the planning process to separate it from other Township business.

What is a Master Plan?

A Master Plan is the policy document that sets the course for land use and development in a community over the long term – ten years or more.  It is a blueprint for how a community plans to develop – or redevelop – many years into the future.  The Master Plan can be thought of as a blueprint for the Township – it illustrates how the community should grow and evolve over the year, and what its residents envision it will become.

How long will the process take?

Writing a Master Plan is can be a lengthy process.  There is much work to be done.  The planning process started in earnest in January 2015 with stakeholder interviews, research, analysis and mapping.

During the summer of 2015 there will be many opportunities for public input.  Stay tuned to our events page or facebook for details.

Fall of 2015 the plan will be written and vetted by the Township and public.  We expect to have a complete draft Master Plan available for review by October 2015.

How can I get involved?

Citizen engagement is essential for a successful outcome to any community planning initiative. Not only does public input provide important insights into the nuances of the Township but it also builds a base of constituents committed to the plan, ready to champion its implementation. We are looking for input and engagement representing all demographics and interests of the community: young and old, owners and renters, employed and unemployed and everyone in between.

If you want to get involved, stay tuned to this website or our facebook page for information.  As always, feel free to contact the Township for additional information.

There will be a number of opportunities to get involved in the planning process this summer!  Below are the phases of public involvement:

Phase 1. May 20 – June 20: Build a Coalition, Form Partnerships

  • Planning Team meeting with Planning Commission
  • Collaborate with Township re: social media presence
  • Establish project website
  • Print informative posters, flyers, “save the date” and “stay tuned”

Phase 2. June 20 – July 20: Introduce Vision 2025

  • Set up and launch online survey as well as distribute paper copies
  • Collect Survey Responses

Phase 3. July 20 – August 20: Experiential Engagement

  • Community Open House (August 12th, 5:30-7:30pm Township Hall)
  • Collect Survey Responses
  • Mobile Concept Installations

Phase 4. August 20 – October 20: Develop Goals and Objectives

  • Mobile Concept Installations
  • Community engagement report


Below is a schedule of public input opportunities. Note that specific dates are subject to change. Stay tuned for details!




June 20th – Aug 30th, 2015 Community Opinion Survey Online, in Print
July 20th – Sept 20th, 2015 Mobile Concept Installations Township Hall/Library & Community Center
Tuesday, July 14th, 2015 Kalamazoo Bicycle Club YMCA of Greater Kalamazoo
Wednesday, Aug 12th, 2015 Community Open House: Summer Reading Party Comstock Township Hall/Library
Thursday, July 14th, 2016 Master Plan Public Hearing Comstock Township Hall


We would love to hear from you!

For more information regarding the Comstock Charter Township Master Plan, please contact the Township Zoning Administrator, Jodi Stefforia, or stop by the Township Hall!

We are located at:
6138 King Hwy
Kalamazoo, MI 49048
(269) 381-2360