Amendments to Future Land Use Map adopted

The Township Board adopted amendments to the Vision 2025 Future Land Use Map on December 4, 2017!    Check it out here:

Three areas amended:

  1. Changed to Core Residential: H Avenue – Sprinkle Road
  2. Changed to General Industrial and Suburban Residential: 26th Street-Cork Street
  3. Changed to General Industrial: K Ave-33rd Street

Comstock Vision – Master Plan 2025

Define the future of Comstock Charter Township!

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Comstock Vision 2025 

2017 Amendments Proposed to Future Land Use Map!


Comstock Vision 2025 was established by Comstock Charter Township to drive the process of preparing a new Master Plan. Local planners and landscape architects  – Williams & Works from Grand Rapids and Viridis Design Group from Kalamazoo – teamed up to assist the Township through the planning process.

Since adoption of the Vision 2025 Master Plan in 2016, it has become apparent that three areas of the Future Land Use Map warrant a closer look and possible amendment.  The process to begin amending the Future Land Use Map began this summer. A public hearing was held at the October 12, 2017 Planning Commission meeting. Changes were made to the proposed Future Land Use Map amendments by the Planning Commission following the hearing. The Township Board will consider the Future Land Use Map amendments, as recommended by the Planning Commission,  at their meeting on December 4, 2017.

For more information about the 2017 proposed amendments or to review documents developed during the planning process, please visit our Document Center.


What is Vision 2025?

Vision  2025 is the vision for the future of the community- the Master Plan.  Throughout the process, we worked with residents, business-owners, stakeholders and local officials to help define the future of our community. Vision 2025 is the name used throughout the planning process to separate it from other Township business.

What is a Master Plan?

A Master Plan is the policy document that sets the course for land use and development in a community over the long term – ten years or more.  It is a blueprint for how a community plans to develop – or redevelop – many years into the future.  The Master Plan can be thought of as a blueprint for the Township – it illustrates how the community should grow and evolve over the years and what its residents envision it will become.


Below is a schedule of past and upcoming public input opportunities.




June 20th – Aug 30th, 2015 Community Opinion Survey Online, in Print
July 20th – Sept 20th, 2015 Mobile Concept Installations Township Hall/Library & Community Center
Tuesday, July 14, 2015 Kalamazoo Bicycle Club YMCA of Greater Kalamazoo
Wednesday, August 12, 2015 Community Open House: Summer Reading Party Comstock Township Hall/Library
Thursday, July 14, 2016

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Master Plan Public Hearing

Public Hearing on proposed amendments to Future Land Use Map

Comstock Township Hall

Comstock Township Hall


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For more information regarding the Comstock Township Vision 2025 Master Plan, please contact the Township Planning & Zoning Administrator, Jodi Stefforia, or stop by the Township Hall!

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